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Pertandingan Busana Muslimah:MAXIS

Sesungguhnya Allah itu canti dan menyukai kecantikan

Mahu kelihatan anggun dan bergaya? Mahu melihat bakat-bakat yang tersembunyi? Mahu mengasah ketajaman fikiran? Mahu mengeratkan silaturrahim?

Inilah masanya kita bersama-sama hadir ke

MAXIS-Maximise Islam
Unmasking The Beauty Of ISlam


wanita berkerjaya

khas untuk kaum muslimat sahaja

bertempat di
Barnes Wallis

pada: 18 MARCH 2009

waktu 7.30-10.00 malam

Hadiah lumayan menanti anda

Pertandingan ini terbuka kepada semua muslimat Manchester umumnya, dan boleh jgk ajak kawan-kawan dr kawasan lain seperti salford dan seluruh UK kalau diorg berminat..

Tapi, setiap batch WAJIB menghantar sekurang-kurangnya seorang wakil sebagai model untuk fesyen show.Kalau lebih lagi digalakkan..

Kalau ada anda ingin bertanding bawah tiket usrah MCOT atau usrah MSM pun boleh2...
outline dan syarat-syarat pertandingan:

1)Model hendaklah di make up dan dihias dalam masa 15 minit apabila pertandingan bermula

2)cuma 3 orang saja dibenarkan untuk menghias model dalam masa 15 minit tersebut

3) boleh pakai baju2 cantik di tempt kejadian atau pakai dr rumah

4) kemudian model akan bergerak atas runway

5)Model kemudian dikehendaki mempamerkan salah satu bakat yang ingin dipersembahkan selama 3 minit.
cthnye: menyanyi, bernasyid,menari,silap mata,demonstrasi cara-cara nk masak brownies, menghafal ayat-ayat al-quran, tilawah alquran dan sebagainya mengikut kreativiti masing-masing

6) kemudian model-model akan ditanyakan satu soalan

di akhir acara, akan ada persembahan dancerobic

sila beri nama sesiapa yang berminat kepada sy sebelum 18 march

nurdalila sahidan
2nd year medic

Monday, 23 February 2009

Semoga Allah membantu gadis ini

Being a hooker is summing I love

Shock confession of maths prodigy who turned to life of vice

This article is taken from news of the world: www.newsoftheworld.co.uk

MATHS genius turned hooker Sufiah Yusof reveals how she drives men wild... by reciting EQUATIONS to her clients as they have sex.

And the Asian beauty defiantly claims that selling her body for up to £1,000 a time provides her with a far more glamorous life than she ever dreamt of when she went to Oxford University aged just 13.

"My clients love the fact that I can stimulate their minds AND their bodies," she boasts in a shockingly frank interview with the News of the World.

"And I don't believe my education has been wasted—in fact I usually take problem sheets with me to solve before appointments."

Sufiah decided to CONFESS ALL after we revealed how the former child prodigy was working as a £130-an-hour prostitute while studying for a masters in economics.

It is the latest heartbreaking twist to a life that seemed so full of promise—but went tragically wrong when she cracked under the pressure of her bullying father's cruel academic regime and fled university at 15.

Eight years on, he is now in jail for sexually assaulting two girl pupils and Sufiah has somehow convinced herself that her seedy new career is the answer to all her problems.

"People think escorting is sleazy and terrible but I don't see it like that," she says. "I've always had a high sex drive—and now I'm getting all the sex I want—and guys are much better in bed with an escort than a girlfriend.

"I have men who are thrilled about my passion for mathematics. In fact one made me recite equations while he pleasured me, then I gave him oral sex while he chatted about algebra. It drove him wild."

And brainbox Sufiah has worked out that subtracting your respectability to become a prostitute can equal big money.


"I have a nice life and I am in control," she says. "I hate this stereotype society has of escorts being exploited. It is so far from the truth.

"My clients treat me like a princess. One guy I see in London took me shopping on Bond Street. He bought me a beautiful black Gucci dress for £700 and then took me to Selfridges and told me to pick any handbag I liked."

She chose a £600 Gucci clutch. "I'm a Primark and Topshop girl normally! I felt like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman.

"Later that night we went for dinner. I wore my Gucci dress and sexy lingerie and took great pleasure in peeling it off for him later on back at his hotel."

Sufiah was working as an administrative assistant earning £ 16,000 a year in Manchester when an escort agency boss approached her in a bar four months ago. She'd run up debts of £3,500 in rent arrears and credit cards.

And she was still haunted by her hellish childhood—subjected to her father Farooq's Accelerated Learning Technique where she studied maths day in day out in rooms kept freezing cold to improve her concentration.

So the big rewards the agency boss promised seemed more than tempting. "I have studied so intensely for so many years I wanted to have fun," she says.

She can't see the sordid side of prostitution—and instead likens herself to Belle De Jour—the saucy hooker played by Billie Piper in the TV drama.

"I'd read Belle De Jour's Diary of a London Call Girl and was fascinated," she said. "When this immaculate lady in a designer suit asked if I had ever considered escorting, I found it appealing.

"I went home, researched agencies on the internet and found one I thought looked professional. I sent them photographs and they put me on their site." A couple of days later Sufiah was offered her first client. She recalls: "I felt quite nervous but excited too. I slipped on some black lace underwear and stockings and suspenders and a dress, and just though, ‘Wow, this is thrilling.'

"He was waiting for me at the bar of the Hilton. I expected him to be older but when I saw him he was lovely.

"He was only in his late 20s, tall and handsome. I thought, ‘I can't believe I'm getting paid to have sex with this man.'

"I'd have been thrilled if he chatted me up in a bar. We had a drink then went upstairs to his room and had fantastic sex. I left that night feeling totally elated having had an amazing time with £250 in my purse." Since then, she has built up a base of regular rich clients and sees between five and ten men each week. Her sugar daddies have treated her to fabulous clothes, designer bags, trips on yachts and even helicopter rides.

Sufiah brags that she can earn more than £1,000 in a night by having diner with a client and staying over. "It's like they want to rescue me. One man asked me how much I earned a year. I said £60,000. He told me, ‘I'll pay that amount straight into your bank and buy you a flat and you can be my mistress.'

"But I don't want that because I'm happy doing what I do. Now I wonder if I could go back to a normal relationship, where you watch EastEnders and have boring sex. I've got used to being treated like a princess."

It is as if she has run away from reality—just as she ran away from university and her father's dominance at 15.

Sufiah becomes solemn and subdued when she talks of her upbringing. "As I grew older I began to clash with my father," she says. "He was violent on occasions. Because he pushed me so far academically, I became more confident for a girl of my age. I grew up too quickly.

"From 11, I was studying maths all the time. I didn't have any friends. I wasn't in the Brownies. My father said they didn't teach Muslim values. I hardly ever played with other children."

She passed her maths A level aged 12 and started at St Hilda's College, Oxford. "It was an amazing place but I was too young. By the time I was 15 I wanted to be in control of my life. I fought back."

Sufiah sparked a two week nationwide police hunt when she ran away instead of going home at the end of term, saying she'd "had enough of 15 years of physical and emotional abuse". Her father claimed she had been kidnapped and brainwashed by members of a socialist organisation.

But now, speaking about it for the first time, Sufiah says: "I couldn't bear the thought of going home so I ran away. I'd saved up £200 and found a hostel in London for £14 per night. After a week I moved to a hostel in Bournemouth. I knew I could survive on my own."

When she was found in an internet cafe, Sufiah refused to go home and was placed in foster care by Bournemouth social services. She says: "I stayed with two families who were very good to me. My mum and dad would call me and ask me to go home—but I didn't want to."


Her 50-year-old father is now in jail for 18 months after being convicted of sexually assaulting two 15-year-old girls he taught at his home in Coventry.

When Sufiah reached 18 she returned to Oxford to continue her studies—and fell in love with fellow student Jonathan Marshall. They married a year later but it barely lasted a year.

"At the time I thought we would be together forever, but we married too young and grew apart," she says.

After the split she moved back to London where she taught maths in the evenings to make ends meet. Then six months ago she moved to Manchester—and stumbled across her new career. "I'm still only young and I can't decide what I want to do," she says. "My escort work provides me with a fabulous life.

"I still enjoy learning and I find it puts me in the right frame of mind for an intelligent conversation with my clients." But she admits not all her sexual encounters work out. "At the end of the day you don't have to sleep with a client if you don't want to. I've done that twice now. Both men were young and very nervous. I just left.

"The dullest client I've ever had was a rich man who talked about cars all night. It was really, really boring."

Sufiah is well aware she could easily find a job in the City where she could match her £60,000 a year sex earnings.

But she said: "I don't want to take anything away from people who do jobs like that but it's not for me. I have a nice life. I don't want for anything."

Her mother Halimahton is now divorcing jailed Farooq and is desperate for her daughter to get in touch with her. "I was shaking when I found out what had become of her," she says.

But talking about her bitter split with her parents, Sufiah says: "I would describe our relationship as estranged.

"I have contact with them occasionally but I couldn't speculate on what they will make of my new life.

"I don't have any regrets. I've never felt more confident about my body and I've had some of the best sex of my life."

Salam wbt....

MALAM INSPIRASI GAZA as attached here...jom pakat 2 sume tgok n sertai nye..


Malam Inspirasi Gaza adalah malam khas memperingati our brothers and sisters di Gaza.marilah kite same2 meringnkan penderitaan mereka...mereka juga adlh saudara Islam kite sume...FREE..FREE..PALESTINE..

Ia adalah mlm bersama penutup minggu MAXIS..diharapkan mendapat sambutan yg menggalakkan dari warge MCOT sume...

sebarang persoalan atau kemusykilan mengenai pertandingan atau persembahan dlm attachment tersebut,bolehla menghantar email kepada sy personally ,mutiah, al_hambra88@yahoo.com

sekian,wassalam wbt..

yg benar,
AJK Buletin Minggu Maxis..

Thursday, 19 February 2009


Salam wbt...

Can u all read this conversation??....

Anam: Weh,aku teringin giler nak makan nasi goreng pattaya,makanan
feveret aku tuh
tapi aku bukan nye rajin ngat nak masak...biase la duk kat hall,
bukan nye rajin ngat nak
masak-masak ni...huhu..eh,ko reti x masak nasi goreng pattaya??
masak utk aku...
aku teringi
n bangat nak makan though...

Nazir : huhu...aku mane reti...tpi kan aku dengar Sabtu ni kan
MCOT ade nak buka gerai
utk Manchester Games 2009 ni...pastu aku dgr diorng nak jual
Nasi goreng pattaya!!...
jom kite pegi beli!!..xpayah kite masak,dah alang2 ,kite beli jela,
senang pun senang...

Anam: owh yeke???wah2,langkah kanan betul aku kali ni...
jom2,meh kite pakat g sane...
wah,akhirnya perut ni dpt jgk nak mkn nasi goreng pattaya..
tenkiu my prend....

Sudah bace perbualan sebentar td?Anda malas utk memasak???
Mahu makan masakan Melayu yang lazat lagi berkhasiat???

Sudah jemu dengan menu spaggeti dan macaroni buatan sendiri???
Di sini tiba masanye MCOT ingin mengadakan >>>>>


Date: 21 February 2009 (SATURDAY)
Time: 1000 - 1500
Venue: MMU Student Union

Di sini,MCOT akan membuka sebuah gerai untuk jualan sempena
Manchester Games 2009...Kami akan menyediakan menu yg best-best utk
santapan anda semua...Antara menu jualan ialah>>>>



  • SARDIN ROLL((murah n sedap))
  • BANANA COKTAIL (CONFIRM best gile banana coktail ni)
  • AIR SODA GUMBIRA (mahu tahu apakah soda gumbira ????meh
kite pakat2 serbu gerai mcot
  • TELUR GEGAR @ MATA LEMBU (boleh makan bersama nasi)

Haa ape tunggu lagi...Jom kite same2 memeriahkan lagi food stall MCOT
kali ini..insyaAllah harganye amatlah berpatutan...ajak kawan-kawan
anda sume datang...
DATANG JGN X DTG!!Boleh belanja kwan2,junior
or senior jgk...hehe...

sekian,wassalam wbt..


Yg sedikit benar,
Exco Penerangan

Tuesday, 17 February 2009

akhirnya mampu juga aku menarik nafas sedalam-dalamnya.dan akhirnya setiap bisikan itu mampu menjadi lagu merdu..

mana kan kucari lagi tiap bait-bait dulu..meraba aku dalam kelam.apalah erti hidup tanpa cinta..apalah erti cinta tanpa kasih..

sedangkan angin itu berubah arah..sedangkan ombak itu datang dan pergi..malah malam dan siang itu silih berganti..apakah lagi yang tinggal untuk diriku..mengapa pengharapan itu sesuatu yang amat menyakitkan.mengapa penantian itu sangat menguji kesabaran..

sirna jiwa dalam sepi.lalu sepi mengetuk taman hati.membawa kujauh ke alam sendu..puisi pilu terus bergema.ke segenap pelusuk buana

setiap kata adalah makna.indahnya kata yang disusun melakar rasa..detik demi detik adalah sebuah cinta yang tercipta.

dan kita terus memendam sebuah derita.tanpa tak pernah kita tahu,luka itu kian merona.

aku terus belayar mencari kepastian.cuma ada malam yang menemani perjalananku.menjadi saksi jatuh bangunku.kadang-kadang, terasa lemas ku dalam gapaian nafas.cuba kuberpaut pada rindu yang hanyut.

terus aku belayar jauh..menatap samudera luas membiru..selautan air mata gugur tanpa henti.luntur sebuah kekuatan di jiwa..sendu aku pada ceritera yang bergema..selama ini cekal hatiku pada kehidupan ini.walau sering hidup mengkhianatiku..sering luka menghiris jiwa ku..

duka membawa lari senyuman dari wajahku.andai tidak sempat kuubah cerita ini.coretkan namaku pada awan di langit..agar aku mampu melihat dunia.

tinggalkan aku sendirian mengutip sisa-sisa ini.agar mampu aku berdiri kembali.pada kisah yang pergi..pada kasih yang hilang..pada cinta yang dingin..tinggalkan aku menangisi cerita ini..tinggalkan aku menyelami keindahan yang membesarkan aku menjadi manusia..

mungkinkah masih ada harapan berpanjangan di hujung jalanku..untukku genggam dan berdiri lagi buat sekian kali..ingin ku buru,ingin ku renang tiap cinta dan rindu..ingin ku jadikan semua ini hanya sekadar mimpiku.dan bila aku bangun, ada bahagia yang menanti..

biarlah alam memeluk ku..agar ku bisa tenang dalam kehijauannya..tidur dalam ketenangannya..bernafas dalam lena yang panjang

Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Setinggi-tinggi syukur itu hendaklah selalu diucapkan kepada Allah..Sebanyak-banyak taubat itu hendaklah selalu dipohon daripada Allah...

merenung jauh pada ragam manusia
mengheretku kembali menilik ragam sendiri
roda-roda terus berputar
berlalu jauh dalam hidupku
mengingatkanku betapa sebentarnya
hidup ini untuk dipuja
lalu termenung aku pada tiap rima
memandang jauh ke dalam gelodak jiwa
percanggahan antara hati dan minda
pelik memandang kekalutan dunia
hampa melihat tiap bencana
khuatir untuk masa yang akan tiba

ada masa kita akan tertanya
mengapa kita sering di uji Yang Maha Esa
atau mengapa kita selalu terkena
dalam dilema antara dua
bukankah Dia Maha Pengasih dan Sempurna
sering juga sesal datang menyapa
sesudah layang-layang putus talinya

semuanya hanyalah sebuah ujian pada kita
kerana dunia ini sekadar pinjam-pinjaman sahaja
akhirat jua arah tujunya
pejamlah sebentar wahai mata
rasakanlah dunia dengan deria yang ada
biar tiap kata yang tercipta
jadi belaian tika gerhana
atas cinta pada Yang Maha Esa

Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Ummu Salamah

maka, kisah sedih pun bertimpa-timpa xhenti2.....tapi ada kebaikan jgk disebalik setiap bencana dan musibah yang ALlah jdkan..laptop rosak, buat aku rajin belajar..buat aku kurang sket buat benda2 lara ni....

teringt lak kisah Ummu Salamah salah sorg isteri Rasulullah...Sebelum berkahwin dgn Rasulullah, Ummu Salamah telah berkahwin dengan seorang pejuang Islam yang telah gugur syahid.Namun cintanya yang sgt tebal, menyebabkan dia sungguh bersedih dengan pemergian suami yang dikasihi..

Lalu Rasulullah telah menikahinya...Namun, kerana cintanya terhadap suaminya dahulu, setiap kali Rasulullah menziarahinya, dia akan mengambil zainad, anaknya yang masih kecil untuk disusukan..Lalu Rasulullah pun pulang dr rumah Ummu Salamah..Peristiwa ini berterusan selama beberapa hari kerana Ummu Salamah terlalu mengasihi suaminya yang dahulu...
Namun Allah itu maha Kaya dan Maha Mengetahui setiap segalanya...Akhirnya, hiduplah Ummu Salamah sebagai Ummul Mukminin yang sgt disayangi Rasullulah..Dia sgt bijak dan cantik..dan die menghafal Al-quran serta hadis-hadis Rasulullah

Namun apa yang ingin sy cerita melalui kisah Ummu Salamah ini ialah, tatkala Ummu Salamah bersedihan dengan pemergian suaminya, maka dia teringt akan sebuah hadis Nabi..Nabi berkata, apabila seseorang Muslim itu bersedih hati kerana musibah yang melanda, maka berdoa lah ' Ya Allah simpankanlah balasan baik untuk kesusahan yang melanda ku ini'

maka balasan baik untuk Ummu Salamah adalah menjadi isteri kepada Rasul Allah....

Percayalah setiap kesusahan dan kesulitan itu pasti ada kesenangan di sebalik...selalu ingtkan diri sendiri