Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Locked In Syndrome

Something astonishing hit the news and the world few days ago...it is about a man who was misdiagnosed as vegetative for the past 23 years following a car crash was actually fully conscious and aware of everything going on around him. He can listen to what people say but cannot response.

Peritiwa ini berlaku di Belgium. Pelbagai komen dan penyelidikan in response to this issue semakin laris ibarat pisang goreng yang tengah panas. below are some reports about him in youtube..

If anyone has an addiction to dr house drama series, you will notice that there was one episode about Locked In Syndrome ( episode 19 season 5). well when i read this news, that the first thing that came across my mind cause it sounds familiar.

Video 1

Video 2

Video 3

Sesungguhnya setiap yang terjadi itu adalah dengan kuasa Allah..Dan tiada siapa yang lebih berkuasa melainkan Allah..Namun apa yang memeranjatkan ialah, ada report yang menyatakan lapproximately 40% cases telah di misdiagnosed as vegetative sedangkan those patients are actually conscious.

antara byk2 report yang menarik hati saya ialah pertikaian GCS (Glasgow Coma Scale). Report menyatakan bahawa mereka yang incharge of him, has been using the internationally accepeted scale to access him. The eyes, verbal and motor responses. But, it was mentioned that, he was graded incorrectly for the past 23 years... Subhanallah....

23 tahun bukan masa yang singkat, it is actually my whole life until next year!!!! it is a lot of things...How would i feel, if i am the one who is locked in for my whole life before this and suddenly today i wake up...

the thing is, ade bende yang agak fishy jgk..firstly, i dont really know about belgium policy of euthanasia.(coz ive been taught only the british policies for the last 2 years. i dont even know that much about euthanasia in my own country.shame on me) But it was already 23 years he was in ' coma'.adakah bermakna mereka sebenarnya tahu yang patient ni sedar, ada hope untuk sembuh? well, that probably history of this patient is not really clear. macam mana dia punya respond time die masih coma. adakah sebelum ni mereka pernah buat brain scan? apakah incident yang buat mereka sedar yang he is aware? i need full history please..

secondly, i am bit wonder. probably because i read a lot of people coments regarding this issue. how did he actually he touch those screen when his eyes is close. And most of the videos that has been published show that, the nurse actually controlling his hand. im not being rude, or anything, i just wonder. i might be influenced by other people, but really, it is a bit weird..or, if we look from other point of view, maybe it is different.

whatever it is, and whatever people might say, there is one thing i believe and i strongly believe than anything else, this miracle happenned because Allah allow this to happen. This is one of the evidence how anything is not in our hand. it is in Allah's. eventhough we are fully equip with the latest advanced technology ever, sometimes, things are beyond our power. no matter how much our desire is, we cannot beat Him, God Almighty.

And bayangkanla if you are the person who was locked in your own body. where you cant move any inch of it according to what you want, not even your eyebrow..how does that feel?on that point you know that you are helpless. You are just waiting for anyone, who someday, might discover you accidently. Pengharapan hanyalah pada Tuhan yang Maha Besar selama itu...

The moral of the story...think deeply..you'll find one that near dear to your heart..

wallahu 'alam

Monday, 9 November 2009

stand by me

I really love singing so much( singing dlm toilet sudey)....i really love to listen to the beautiful melody when people sing...be it nasyid or any genre of song..i love to listen to people who has been granted by Allah the beautiful voice...

why did i like to listen to them? because it always remind me of Allah...listening to how they sing, how beautiful the melody is, always remind me of how Great Allah is.....

He created sounds, melody, and give to certain people to see how they use those gift.....

And i always amuse by how those melody could touch people's heart and soul by just listening to them..

Oh, Lord..Oh,Allah....give me chance to listen to the most beautful melody in the paradise later....


Wednesday, 4 November 2009


Jemput datang ke AGM MCOT 2008/2009
7 hb November 2009
(dalam proses menyiapkan booklet AGM)